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MCS creates VMs with the wrong NIC in Nutanix Prism

Gwyn Williams1709162899


In Nutanix Prism I have a VM with a NIC (say NIC A). I then create a snapshot of that.


In Studio I create a Machine Catalog using this same snapshot, however the VMs that it creates have an entirely different NIC (say NIC B). I've tried deleting the Machine Catalog, deleting the snapshot and starting over, but it's the same.


One thing that might have caused it is that, prior to me creating the above Machine Catalog, is that I'd previously used the same VM (which actually did have NIC B at that time) to create another Machine Catalog, which was then deleted. So has MCS cached it somewhere that this VM used to have a different NIC? Although that wouldn't make sense, because the snapshot would've been different.


I've even tried the following...


Deleting the MC, and check that they're gone from Studio, from Nutanix and from AD.

Deleting the snapshot

Cloning the 'image' VM, and confirm that the clone has 'NIC A'

Creating  snapshot of image VM

Creating new MC in Studio


But the resulting VMs still have the wrong NIC.


Any ideas?



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It was available (both the NICs were available as separate Resources under the same connection). But the MC seemed to always pick the 'wrong' one. So now I've deleted this 'wrong' one and re-created the MC, and now it works. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


One thing. How can I select which Resources I want an MC to use? Because there may be a time later where I will need to use two different VLANs for two different MCs. I mean, if it's not possible, then there's be no point of being able to add multiple Resources if the MC always chooses the same one.


Thanks for your help.

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