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Monitor five sites that all depend on each other?


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Hi there,


I've had a request to configure monitoring for five sites in Citrix ADC where if one site fails a health check, all the sites are marked as down.


I have currently tried attaching five HTTP-ECV health monitors to each Service Group (each one checking the sister sites). However, this does not work as intended as once one site does down they all go down. Then all the sites stay down as their sister sites are also down so it stays in an infinite loop.


I did consider monitoring each site in the order in which they're hit e.g. Site 1 monitors itself and site 2 and so on... but unfortunatley these sites can be hit in any order so it has an unpredictable traffic flow.


This is a bit of an unusual request which I have not implemented before and would like to know if anyone has attempted this or has any ideas? 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Many thanks,

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