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Citrix session sharing not working for some users

Björn Schläfli


In our site I've two users with a strange behavior. They start their applications in the morning and the session is shared. It they start another application 2 or 3 hours later it starts a new second session for it. All subsequent started applications will then start shared with the second session. 

The first server is not fully loaded (load index around 3800). I can start a session on the server where they have their inital session active and it opens. Further I can open more applications on it and the session is shared. I used the same applications as these users to test if session sharing is working with them. 

It's a site for 300 users and it's only affecting 3 users at the moment. I've created a new Citrix profile for one of these users for testing but with no luck. Maybe it's a Workspace App or local user profile issue?

Any ideas? Is it possible to log that somehow?

Citrix Workspace App logging didn't help me.

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still the same issue. Every day 3 to 5 users out of 300 have different sessions. We use no load balancing in this site. Citrix ADC is configured with Backup server protection (failover) instead. Persistence method is SourceIP with the default timeout of 1200. Could this type of traffic management have an influence?

Workspace Control is disabled (sameEndpointOnly). But the affected users sessions started from same endpoints (same endpoint name, ip). 

The ddcs log nothing about it. Storefront neither.

Does anybody have a clue for me?

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