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Recreate VPX on AWS and restore

Eddie Santana


Current version:NS13.0 82.42.nc

Platform: VPX on AWS

Usage: Authenticated User to Citrix Cloud


I been running the same VPX since v11x day. Now it's extremely difficult to gain enough free space to to any further upgrades even after running through all the clean recommended by Citrix including this  one- https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/system/troubleshooting-citrix-adc/how-to-free-space-on-var-directory.html


What would be the best method to rebuild (with a large primary drive) and restore it back with everything exactly as it was?


Another question since I'm here: I currently have Enterprise license. But can the VPX Gateway version support Citrix Cloud Authentication? The VPX will be setup with Radius for user authentication. 



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You can go to System > Backup/Restore and use it to restore the appliance.


You can certainly deploy with a bigger drive but I'm not sure if it will increase the partition size.


I usually delete /var/nslog biggest files.


You can use Citrix Gateway as the IdP for Citrix Cloud. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-cloud/citrix-cloud-management/identity-access-management/connect-ad-gateway.html

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Thanks this is helpful!

I was hoping that a new VPX /Restore will free me from the space limitation issue I am encountering. 


In a restore on new VPX does the OATH ( client ID, secret) for Citrix Cloud gets restored correctly  or do I have to go back to Citrix Cloud and recreate it ?



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