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Hi, I would like to grab the User-Agent string to add to our dashboard for troubleshooting nFactor logons (for our service desk).

This way we can see which devices are using Chrome vs ChromeApp vs whatever Receiver version.

However, It seems that the documentation is incorrect. ICA_USER does not seem to be available. I tried this against two different 12.1 ADCs. 

Has anyone had any luck with this?



    "errorcode": 1232,

    "message": "Invalid object name [ica_user]",

    "severity": "ERROR"



If I run: https://<MGMT-IP>/nitro/v1/config/ - these are the only "ICA" objects I can call.
















P.S. -  I've already setup message logging (for us admins) so please don't tell me to do it that - LOL:)





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