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PVS Device Boot command fails


Hey Guys

I am currently automating my whole image creation process, in which i want to involve to assign the newly created vDisk and boot/reboot a certain PVS device with the new vDisk.

Everything works fine if the device is running and i perform a reboot. But if the device is shut down, it doesn't perform a boot after sending the command from my PVS server.

Same effect via PowerShell and via GUI.
The Host connection should be fine, because the reboot command works.

Strange thing: The boot command works fine if i send it via Citrix Studio vom my Delivery Controller.

- PVS Device Boot command from PVS server doesn't work
- Reboot command from PVS server works
- Boot / Reboot commands from Delivery Controller via Studio both working

My environment:
- Citrix Version (all components): 1912 LTSR CU2 - onprem
- Hosting: VMware vSphere v7.0.1

Any idea what could be the issue here?

Thank you in advance!


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Booting via PVS command, has a few different pathways.
Potentially in your case it is using Wake on Lan boot pathway, which requires that both the target is on same broadcast subnet as PVS server, and also that PVS target is configured for wake on lan.

How was the target device created?

If it was created manually, it will only be possible for PVS server to send WOL packet.

Boot from DDC - this uses hosting connection on the DDC.
Shutdown/Reboot from PVS console - This uses PVS server communication with target device software to initiate from within windows.

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Hi Kelan


Thanks for the insights!

The device was created via PVS Console with the Virtual Desktops Setup Wizard (XenDesktop Setup Wizard - they where created when we had v7.15 running).


I assume there is no way to configure PVS to use the host connection to send the boot command?

So i have to either check with my networking guys or use the VMware API to boot the device.


Anyway, thank you for your fast response & have a great week!








Just checked the VM settings of the PVS device. WoL ist activated. I will do some more tests. If it doesn't work I will go with plan B (VMware PowerShell API)





little update:

I created a new PVS Device and the boot command works fine with that one. It seems like the issue only occurs on devices I created with v7.15.

Since I only need the boot command for that one device, this solution works for me.

Maybe this information helps someone else experiencing the same issue ;-)

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