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Load Balancing Puppet Servers

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Hi all,


Has any one successfully deployed Puppet with the ADCs. I have a requirement to load balance Puppet Server over GSLB. 

So I am thinking Content Switching with policies forcing 8140 and 8142 to different VIPs. Just not sure how to add web socket support


The requirement for load balancing is 


Monitor Type HTTP GET

Monitor Address https://<hostname>:8140/status/v1/simple

Monitor Response HTTP 200

Port Config 1 8140/tcp, SSL Bridge, stateless

Port Config 2 8142/tcp, SSL Bridge, sticky, WebSocket support, 15‑minute timeout

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For mulitple port numbers, you don't need Content Switching unless you want one port number on client side.


SSL Bridge on Citrix ADC means no decryption so the TCP packets will go directly to the server. If the server supports WebSockets then you don't need to do anything on ADC. If you intend to decrypt on ADC, then there's an option in HTTP Profile to enable WebSockets.

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