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BSOD on Win10 following recent VDA update and CPM patch



Following our recent July maintenance weekend, where we installed the latest MS cumulative updates and also the 1912 LTSR CU3 update and the urgent vulnerability patches for it, we are getting a number of machines blue-screening.   It's across several catalogs (and thus several separate master images) but they are all running Win10 1909 and VDA 1912 CU3, via non-persistent MCS.   Catalogs with persistent machines (which haven't had the CU3/patch updates yet) or Server OS don't seem to show the same symptoms.


It's not a large number of machines doing it, maybe 10 a day from a total of about 650 VMs, but it's a big uptick from last week where we would expect maybe 3-4 to go Unregistered a week, and those tended not to be BSODs when checked in VMware.   We didn't see anything in testing but then that's a much smaller pool of machines.  Curiously, they tend to appear at the end of the day, so I wonder if it's something that happens when users log out - which most users don't do every day but leave sessions disconnected overnight.


I've not yet got as far as trying to enable dump files and getting a ticket up to MS, but I suspect quite a few people here would have recently rolled out the same updates and wondered if it was just us or whether other people were seeing similar.  It's very recent - so almost certainly related to updates pushed out over last weekend.

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I didn't see that this thread was updated with a possible fix but wanted to provide some information in case anyone else was seeing this in their environment.  We found the same issue on our persistent W10 VDA 1912 CU3 with users switching between endpoints as well.  Upgrading the VDA to CU4 seems to have resolved this issue.

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Update from my side:

  • Created a MCS Image Version and updated MS July Updates only (VDA CU2, FSLogix 2009 HF_01): No Issues
  • Based on this version we've created an other version, uninstalled VDA CU2 and installed VDA CU3 without MCSIO, UPM, UPM WMI Plugin: Bluescreen

As the August Windows Updates still have not passed the validation (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX276640) and also introduce a massive change in printer driver deployment (https://msrc-blog.microsoft.com/2021/08/10/point-and-print-default-behavior-change/) i assume this customer will reinstall VDA CU2 without UPM and UPM WMI Plugin and stay with July Updates.

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Hi Michael,


two of my customers are facing the same or a similar issue:

Both are running Windows 10 20H2, have upgraded VDA (from CU2) to CU3 + Hotfix 3001/3002 , latest July Windows /Office Updates and the latest FSLogix Version.

The VMs are provisioned via MCS and are "non-persistent". MCSIO Driver is installed to my knowledge, but not used anymore.


Both customers reported independently, that they think, that the BSOD primarily happens, if a user (multiple times a day) disconnects his session, moves to another workplace and reconnects his session from there. One customer reported, that BSOD happens very rarely on logoffs as well.

Both customers are using a mixture of well maintained Windows and Linux (IGEL) endpoints. One customer is using NVIDIA vGPU (next-to-last 11.x version) for some of his machines.


My first thought was, that it might be related to FSLogix 2105 as the first customer reported, that the BSOD only happens on logoffs.





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