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ADC VPX 13 - FormSSO with kerberos

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I'm currently struggling with following scenario, it would be great if someone could help me with this:


I'm using adc vpx for sso for exchange 2016, using traffic-policies and an FormSSO-policy.


The user gets a Form-based authentication screen and has to enter his username and password on the netscaler, the traffic and session-policies handles the rest - so far so easy.


The AAA-server uses a LDAP as its authentication policy. Thats why it's working.


I want now switch the LDAP policy with a negotiate-policy. The policy itself is working, but the FormSSO-policy isn't working anymore. 


In the logs I can see the the username gets correctly extracted. I think the problem is that the variable aaa.user.passwd doesn't get populated while using a negotiate policy, or maybe just with a hash value and not the "entered" password.


What I've tried is to put a ldap-policy as next factor with authentication disabled, so far no success.


The only possible solution I can think of is switchen owa to kerberos, I wanted to ask if somebody got a better solution before taking this step.


Thank you all und best regards


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