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Hypersvisor Snapshots

Mike Maggio1709162854


I'm trying to understand what happens when you delete a snapshot in Citrix Hypervisor. Do the changes on that snapshots get merged into the base image? I believe that's the way it works in VMWare. Is there a way to consolidate snapshots? Is there a document that gives all the details? I can't seem to find one. I"m using both 7.6 and 8.2


Thank you,

Mike Maggio

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You can delete any incremental snapshot and there should be a coalesce process. You will of course lose that particular instance, but other snapshots should remain intact as long as you maintain any one. A typical scenario is you might take weekly snapshots but delete earlier ones so that you only keep one every month.

I agree with Alan - databases should not be relied on in snapshots, in particular if the VM isn't static at the time.


If you google a bit there are some good articles on snapshots, and try also looking on xen.org for some documentation.



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Two other questions:

When I want to make a change -- for example, install patches, do I install the patches and then take the snapshot or do I take a snapshot and install the changes on the snapshot.


Lkewise, if the changes I made cause issue, I know I can revert to the previous snapshot but what about the one with the patches that caused the issue? If I delete it, will it avoid merging with the base?


Thanks for all the info.



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I'm a little rusty but what should happen deleting B-Pre-Install is that vdi will merge back into the parent. 

You don't install patches to snapshots, those are point in time. So what you do is snapshot, make your 

changes. If something goes wrong you revert a vm from the snapshot. If the snapshot is capturing something

like a database keep in mind that a revert may not be in a good consistent state unless you snapshot 

with some type of quiesced snapshot or are confident you can fix errors that could arise. 




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