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PVS with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 boot PXE UEFI fails but legacy BIOS works

Frédéric LOUKA




Our infrastructure lands on Citrix Hypervisor 8.2, Citrix PVS 1912 LTSR.

We created a Windows 10 Pro VM with UEFI mode enabled, installed our applications and our agents (PVS target Wizard, WEM agent and VDA agent).

When we tried to convert our VM in vDisk, we shutdown the VM and set the boot option on network in the Citrix Hypervisor option boot mode.
When the VM boot, the boot failed and goes directly to UEFI Shell mode....

After more investigations, we discovered that the target device was able to catch an IP Address from the DHCP but the process stops at this time.


I also read that I had to configure my DHCP to declare my UEFI Class provider, and that I had to create DHCP strategy (filters) with option 67 different (the bootstrap file is different beetwen UEFI and Legacy BIOS).


If someone experimented this problem......Please ! ;-)





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Hi Frederic, this is Mauricio in CDMX

Can you resolver this issue?? 

I have implemented this year Citrix Hipervisor 8.2 CU1 with PVS 1912, and I have the same problem like you. In the Citrix Docs I have found ONLY a workaround (disable secure EFI BOOT), but this don't work for me.




I hope your soon answer please.

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Hi Mauricio,

Yes Just use the dhcp option 11 and enter your pvs servers.


In addition, this options enable the pvs High availability because you can put several entries.

If i remember you have to configure your pvs server using pxe (in the pvs configuration wizard depending where are the dhcp role installed).


And this is it, you do not need to enter a bootstrap file name.


I hope you'll be able to boot your vms.




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