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Issues with connecting to SQL instances after upgrade to 12.1 62-25.

John Limb

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After upgrade to NS 12.1 62-25 NC we are no longer able to connect to SQL instances if you specify instance name (E.G SQLServer\INSTANCENAME)
However, we are also able to connect if we just put SQLSERVER and go directly to default instance. 

We are also not able to perform NSlookup's on windows client's it times out. 

All of the above was working on the previous version of 12.1 without issue. 


Any ideas? I can't seem to find anything on here to suggest people are having the same issue with SQL, only NS lookup.




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On 7/26/2021 at 5:30 PM, Rhonda Rowland1709152125 said:

Is this an issue with access over a vpn connection (gateway) or load balanced SQL server?

Over a VPN connection - 
We have upgraded to 12.1 62-27 and the issue still persists. 

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8 hours ago, Rhonda Rowland1709152125 said:

I don't have any info for you; but I knew the clarification would be needed to get proper assistance from anyone else who might know.  If no one else has an idea, it might require going to support to determine if a firmware bug or something else (as it did work before upgrade, correct?)



It did yes. It's  deffo a firmware issue - I have contacted citrix, no fix until october

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On 8/26/2021 at 6:22 PM, Yousaf said:

no dont upgrade to 13 , this issue is related to dns / nslookup

citrix aware about it already and they have a fix , like a workaround the tech should help you out to resolve it 




Is there a definite workaround fix for this Issue? have you been helped in terms of solving this issue?


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