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nFactor SSO to a web application (Serv-U MFT) fails

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I am trialing NetScaler nFactor auth in front of a web application (Solarwinds Serv-U MFT)  which unfortunately doesn't support Multi Factor Auth feature. I've configured nFactor and successfully clearing the 1st hurdle (Login via LDAP + RADIUS) but the SSO to the web application fails and getting prompted for username and password again even though I've enabled the traffic policy as per the following article - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX219481


Any suggestions/directions to troubleshoot this further would be highly appreciated.

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did you assign a specific FormSSO profile to the Traffic profile? You might need to configure that, for the correct logon portal, with the user credential labels and size and method fixed in the FomSSO profile to get it working.

Also, did you matched password credential index in traffic policy and logon schemas?


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