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Update xenserver

WC Jones


Good morning All,

I need to patch my xenservers. I have 6 host running 7.1 and it looks like the only update that has been applied to the host is a hotfix XS71E003 version 1.0. I am using Xencenter version 7.2 build to manage. I have checked the license details and it says  Status= Unlicensed  License= Xenserver.  


1. Am I able to update the host without a license?

2. What version of xenserver am I running i.e. Free, Standard, Enterprise ( I will assume Free)

3. I have a log into the website and I can see downloads but they are only for standard and enterprise 






WC Jones

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I'm slowly getting out of the loop on XenServer but here is my opinion for what its worth.

1) You can't upgrade automatically without a license, but you should be able to download hotfixes and 

    install them via the command line

2) Unlicensed should equal Free

3) Hotfixes should apply to all versions. Be sure to update them in the recommended order.

    Standard vs Enterprise should just be a few more downloads available for the Enterprise release.


I've converted over to VMware so my XenServer is pretty rusty at this point. I do have a couple of 

pools still remaining awaiting an upgrade that will occur in March.





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