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ADC Netscaler 12.1 setting up syslog


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I 'm trying to set up syslog logging on a ADC Netscaler 12.1 to a Linux logging server managed by another team.

There are some firewalls between the Netscaler and the logging server, so I am not sure if the port 6514 is opened correctly.

How can I check on the Netscaler if the connection or syslog data is successfully send to the logging server?

Or is the only way to check on the logging server to check if it works?



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What logging levels did you choose? If you chose all, then ADC generates quite a bit of log activity so that you never have to wait long for it to try to send syslog entries.


From ADC CLI, run "shell", then run the following to see ADC sending traffic:


nstcpdump.sh port 6514

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