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Slow user experience after upgrading Win 10 from 1909 to 20H2


Using Remote PC VDAs with Windows 10 1909 and VDA 7.15CU5 and 1912CU2/3.  All PCs are pretty high end and we had no issues with win 10 1909.   After upgrading windows to 20H2 and making sure supported LTSR version of VDA is on, user experience becomes very laggy. Interacting with applications in Remote Desktop session is very sluggish.  ICA RTT went up from 10-20ms to 500+.  Tried VDA versions 2012 and 2106 and same results.  Nothing changed on the client end.  Almost seems like something is slowing down hdx encoding.  RDP is not impacted and works much better then HDX.  Wondering if anyone experienced the same. 

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On 7/26/2021 at 11:13 AM, Michael Burnstead1709159565 said:

Try setting the policy for HDX Adaptive Transport to Off.    Depending on client version and a few other factors, that can produce that effect.


It's just a Citrix policy, so only takes a couple of minutes to apply and test.


Yes, that was one of the things I already did to somewhat improve user experience, but still not as good as 1909 (also with TCP enforced). 

Still curious why EDT over UDP makes it worse.  

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