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How do I enable the unified experience setting in an existing store?

Florian Plath

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Hi Guys,


I recently created a new store for admins (Store A) and was amazed that the layout of the Workspace app can resemble the website. Our previous standard store (Store B) from 2017 is displayed in the Workspace app in a modern gray and jumping icons. Unfortunately, I don't know what setting I have set differently that shows me the new store in the layout of the website....
I compared the settings of the two stores and found a difference only in the dashboard. In the admin stores (Store A) the setting unified experience is enabled and in the standard store (Store B) disabled.


Can anyone tell me how to change this?
I would like the standard store to also look like the website with its own color and company logo.


Our storefront version is 1912.0.1000.17


Edit: I've uploaded the screenshots so you can understand what I'm talking about


Best regards






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