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When using the ISSU (In Service Software Upgrade) Migration feature that was introduced in v13, how do you really know once all sessions have been moved to the other device? The Migration status is not very informative, and the documentation is not clear at all. The only status that I could ever see when doing this was "Migration is in progress and Failover is completed". Does "Failover is complete" indicate that all sessions are moved over? That showed almost immediately, but this is a newer deployment, and the end user usage is still pretty light. Carl's documentation seems to imply this, but is not all that clear either. Has anyone else out there used the feature yet? What were your results?

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Per documentation - https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/citrix-adc-nitro-api-reference/en/latest/configuration/ns/nsmigration/


Possible values = Migration is not yet started, Migration is in progress and Failover is not yet done, Migration is in progress and Failover is completed, Rollback is initiated, Migration is completed


It apparently switches to "migration is completed" when all connections to the old primary have been closed.


I am performing a migration now and waiting for the status to change.



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