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SR-IOV only on HVM and is it worth converting from PV to HVM

David Allen1709155199


So we are running a mysql server on Ubuntu 18.0.4 and we are using a trail license for the Premium features to see if we can see a performance increase using SR-IOV.  From my research SR-IOV can only be used with a VM that is HVM but both our mysql server and apache server or PV at the moment and I was wondering the following:

1. Is it worth trying to change from PV to HVM for SR-IOV for this setup and should we expect to see any performance enhancement?

2. How would I switch from PV to HVM, I can't find any really good documents on this.

Our whole setup for xen servers and our SAN is 10GB connection.

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That worked perfect.  Now this issue i'm having is I still can't assign the SR-IOV to this VM.  I verified that it does say HVM for that VM. and the SR-IOV says it is connected under Networking in the Xen Pool.  This Server was a snapshot from a 7.1 xen pool to this Pool running 8.2 if that makes any difference.  Any suggestions?

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Sorry for the delay been having some issues lately at work.  We are running hypervisor 8.2 DBV 2020.0617.  We just bought license for our pool for Premium but I would have thought the 90 day evaluation wouldn't have stopped anything from working.  Maybe when we get our actual license updating to 8.2 LTSR will fix it and have more hot-fixes for this issue possibly?

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So we are licensed for CH82 with premium and it looks like any old server imported you can not use the SR-IOV.  I brought up a new linux machine and I can assign the SR-IOV NIC to that VM.  That is the only thing I can think of.. That really stinks that old VM's can't use the SR-IOV.  Can anyone confirm that by chance or have they gotten a VM that came from 7.1 into 8.2 to use the SR-IOV?

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