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Configuring FAS for only for external access


Hi all:

I have more experience in NetScaler than in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and I have some doubts about FAS.  is it possible to configure FAS just for external access, and the internal access are not affected by this configuration? I have thought to keep the same Citrix Gateway virtual server for internal and external access, and depending on the IP address, external users will be redirected to the 3r party authentication platform (SAML iDP) and the internal users keep accessing using domain credentials. But I don't know if the SSO to the VDAs is going to work for these two type of access. As fas as I know,  it is necessary to configure a GPO for Storefront, VDAs and FAS server to generate the user certificate, but in the case the same users can connect internally to the same VDA using domain credentials, will SSO work?

Thank you for your support

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If FAS is enabled for a StoreFront store, then StoreFront will use FAS for all of that store's users no matter how they authenticate to StoreFront. I'm not aware of enabling FAS causing any problems with SSO.


FAS is a per-store setting so if you don't want it enabled for some users then create a new store and instruct those users how to use the new store.

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I have often have a store for FAS that the ADC will utilise, and a store for normal auth that thin clients or internal users might use


One thing to watch for, is that if you enable FAS on an external Store, and then try to launch apps from an internal store, the internal store must be enabled for FAS also else you will fail to auth

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