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External Monitor crashes on various websites if Citrix Workspace is installed

Joe Parsons


I have a Windows 10 laptop with an external monitor. If I have Citrix Workspace installed on my windows 10 laptop and then try to navigate in chrome to Sentral.com.au or open the windows 10 netflix app it will cause the external monitor to crash and go blank. If I then exit the application (or close the website) I can then unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in, windows will then re-detect the monitor and it will start working again.  Several other websites can also cause the external monitor to crash too. 


If I go through and uninstall citrix workspace from my laptop and reboot the external monitor crashing goes away 


I suspect this may be an issue with the virtual 3rd monitor driver that citrix installs may not be fully HDCP compliant and so it forces the signal to the external monitors to break. 


If I install citrix workspace again the monitor issue comes back.


I have updated all graphics drivers on the laptop (intel and geforce)

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