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Outlook white authentication popup



I have a bit of a weird one going on with one of the citrix images that we have (MCS template).

Since last months windows updates (June 2021) it seems to have affected a few users when using Outlook.

The users connect to Outlook 2016 & normally click through to connect to their mailbox (just passthrough, no entering of passwords needed).

Now when they try to launch it it just gives a white box as part of the process, I believe that this is an authentication box (the box is titled Accounts in the task bar)

The screenshot below is from an O365 install (temporarily upgraded) this gives some actual text in the box. On office 2016 it is just a blank white screen.

If I launch a browser on the server this will just take me to any sites via SSO & also portal.office.com. Internet Explorer is the only browser on there.


Has anybody seen this before. Bit stumped as there is nothing being blocked on our proxy & all in the office users will be using this same proxy without any issues.

I have tested the test connectivity url from MS (https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/tests/O365Ola/input) using the browser (launched via citrix & also directly on the server). Again this just gives a blank accounts page. I installed Edge on the server & the same URL above gives me a proper login page & succeeds.




Citrix Outlook.jpg

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There are many reasons that can have issues and some really depend on your authorization configuration as well. Not knowing enough about the configuration, just going to throw out some things for you to search/test and see if they fit your environment. 

  • disableadalatopwamoverride
  • shared licensing
  • check add-ins installed. (Test with some add-ins disabled)
  • Personal account using same email as federated work account
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