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Citrix Workspace App in VMWare Horizon AppVol w/ FSLogix user profiles - How to get this working consistently

Dan Gentry



  • Windows 10 1909
  • VMWare Horizon 7.12
  • Appvol 2.18
  • FSLogix 2.9
  • Citrix Workspace App LTSR
    • Citrix Workspace App is installed inside an AppVol


The Issue:

Users with existing FSLogix Profiles cannot use CWA as they're prompted to install it on first use and need Admin to do so.


The Cause:

There is something that CWA does for "existing" user profiles on install and "new" user profiles that get created after install. As the user profile is not present at the time of install into AppVol those activities have not taken place. When CWA runs for the first time it tries to "do something" that requires Admin Privileges. ("Do something" is the best I've got as it's a black box)


The Workaround:  (At least the one I have so far)
Delete the user's FSLogix User Profile so that CWA can perform what ever "first run" actions it needs to.



I have tried running the install with the "per user" commands (which is just /silent) for an existing user (so pre-reqs should have been there) and the user was *still* prompted for admin.

This would be as if you installed CWA on a laptop and then copied a User's profile to the machine and had them log in.

I've looked around and I cannot find "best practices" on how to get CWA running in an environment like this.


The Question:

This is a *real* edge case, but I'd like to see if anyone has a better workaround? Is there some way to trigger the "first run" or "new profile" actions?

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