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Published application stopped populating Database name and server name for users

Julie Alley


Hi all,


I have a published app that has been working well for a couple years, then all of the sudden, the users no longer see the servername and database name they normally log into through the published application, and open a ticket for us to find out what information should go in those fields.


How can I fix this for our published application so users only have these two fields populated for them and they just need to log in?

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Quite possibly, the server and database name was saved into user's profile and the profile has been reset for some reason.. as a result, both fields appear blank. Try restoring the profile. If both values are not unique then maybe ask some other user of the same application. Alternatively, find the SOP or the architecture diagram of the application (integration points) if there is any or contact the vendor. Some very basic tips to start with... you know.

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@Nishith Gupta Thanks for your thoughts Nishith, I thought about the profiles also, but probably need to understand how, other than by me, are those profiles reset.  I thought it would only be reset manually by the sys admin, but since we are seeing this fairly frequently (several times a week) I thought I would ask the collective :)

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