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File association is not always working






We use version 2106.

We have a File association Action that change the default pdf viewer from Acrobat Reader to Foxit only for membres of an AD group. It works most of time. 

The problem is that sometimes users complains that the default pdf viwer is back to Adobe. It is quite boring. They have to logoff and connect to another VirtualApp server.

It is not clear why the WEM agent seems to not do the job always.


Any idea?





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I've run into something similar with applying registry settings with WEM. Luckily James Kindon has a tool that may help. Check out "Selective Deletion of the WEM Actions Tracking Cache". You'll have to test it out and see if you want to make it available to your users. I'm disappointed in how WEM applies settings and there isn't a lot of rhyme or reason why certain things work and when they don't. The log file may help point you in the right direction, but all I see if that something fails and sometimes not a clear error why.


Another tool you can use to validate the client side is getting the expected settings is the Resultant Actions Viewer (RSOP) (Path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Norskale\Norskale Agent Host\VUEMRSAV.exe”). See James's blog post on "WEM Client Side Tools" for more info.


Good luck and let me know if you get anywhere with this.


Take care.


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It has gotten better, but I've noticed inconsistency with WEM's FTA functions, as well. That said, you can also check out SetUserFTA to get the job done. That's what a lot of us use, and it's rock solid reliable, and able to be set via a WEM action.


Alternately, you can update the OEMDefaultAssociations.xml file in your image to have .pdf files set to use Acrobat.

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Nick, the OEMDefaultAssociations.xml is not an option because some users need Foxit and others need Adobe. All servers run on the same delivery group and we do not want to create a specific one for Focxit and another for Adobe.

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