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Installation 7.15 LTSR on Windows 2016 failed with driver error

Bernd Herzog



cannot install 7.15 LTSR CU5/6/7 on Windows 2016 anymore.  MachineIdentityServiceAgent_x64 fails with "Signature verification failed while checking integrity of driver package".


Here is a list of certificates. The DigiCert Global Root CA seems to be outdated (which seems to be the one used for the driver).



Anything I can do about it? There ist still an old application installed which doesn't work well with newer versions. So an upgrade for these workers is not an option.


If it is for any use here is the log:


DIFXAPP: ENTER: InstallDriverPackages()
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'DIFxApp Version' is '2.1'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'UI Level' is '5'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'componentId' is '{AA115CA3-97F5-49B6-A643-141C46219D8C}'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'componentPath' is 'C:\Program Files\Citrix\PvsVm\Driver\'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'flags' is 0x17.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'installState' is '2'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'ProductName' is 'Machine Identity Service Agent'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: 'CustomActionData' property 'ManufacturerName' is 'Citrix Systems,Inc.'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: user SID of user performing the install is 'S-1-5-21-x-y-z-5512'.
DIFXAPP: INFO: opening HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-x-y-z-5512\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DIFxApp\Components\{AA115CA3-97F5-49B6-A643-141C46219D8C} (User's SID: 'S-1-5-21-x-y-z-5512') ...
DIFXAPP: INFO:   ENTER:  DriverPackageInstallW
DIFXAPP: INFO:   CtxMcsWbc.inf: checking signature with catalog 'C:\Program Files\Citrix\PvsVm\Driver\CtxMcsWbc.cat' ...
DIFXAPP: ERROR:  Signature verification failed while checking integrity of driver package 'CtxMcsWbc.inf' ('C:\Program Files\Citrix\PvsVm\Driver\CtxMcsWbc.inf'). (Error code 0x800B0109: Eine Zertifikatkette wurde zwar verarbeitet, endete jedoch mit einem Stammzertifikat, das beim Vertrauensanbieter nicht als vertrauenswürdig gilt.)
DIFXAPP: INFO:   Successfully removed '{AA115CA3-97F5-49B6-A643-141C46219D8C}' from reference list of driver store entry ''
DIFXAPP: INFO:   RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW  (0x800B0100)
DIFXAPP: ERROR: encountered while installing driver package 'C:\Program Files\Citrix\PvsVm\Driver\CtxMcsWbc.inf'
DIFXAPP: ERROR: InstallDriverPackages failed with error 0x800B0100
DIFXAPP: RETURN: InstallDriverPackages() 2148204800 (0x800B0100)

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