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CTX319750 Patching questions

Larry Heier


Hi there,


I have two questions around CTXC319750 security patching that have come up from clients already.


1) For clients on earlier VDA CU versions (1912 CU2 or earlier, 7.15 CU 6 or earlier), does hot fix 1912_3001 apply or do you need to upgrade to the latest CU?


2) If you apply the security patch on an older VDA (it does seem to install), do you need to reapply the patches when you upgrade the VDA to a later version - I assume that'll be the case.


The answers should be added to the KB article: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX319750 


take care,


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I don't know the answers, but my test findings agree with yours - it installs fine on CU2 VDAs and appears to work normally afterwards.   That said, we don't use UPM here (it was only installed as per recommendation when installing the VDA, something to do wtih Director working better because of some WMI thing) so whether it 'works' when fully used is a slightly different question.


Here, our security team have agreed we can wait until the monthly scheduled patching weekend, so I am tempted to apply 1912 CU3 VDA and the patches in one hit at at that time.


CTX319750 is very light on detail for this question, which must be applicable to numerous sites around the world.

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OK, done some more testing.   The CU2 VDA that I insalled the patches on, worked fine on it's own but when I tried to install the full CU3 VDA update, that installation did not succeed.   I rolled back the snapshot to the one I took prior to the patching, and that installed CU3 fine.


Based on that, I would suggest doing the CU3 update before patching, or be prepared to have a bit of a fight later on when it comes to the CU3 upgrade.

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I recommend holding off with the patch if you use Outlook on the servers. This is currently broken by the patch.


"Known issues
With the Citrix Profile Management 1912 CU3 hotfix installed, Outlook is unable to launch. [UPM-3602]
As a workaround, replace the UpmOutlookHook.dll, UpmOutlookHook64.dll and UpmSearchSvcHook.dll binaries with ones from a non-patched VDA."

Edited by Martin Nygaard Jensen
added info from support case.
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