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How to generate CSR for ADM Appliance SSL Certificate generation

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The SSL Dashboard (under the Network section) primarily only shows info related to manage ADC instances.

To generate CSR's for these certs, just go to the list of certs, select the one intended and generate CSR is an option.


For the certs in use on the ADM itself, are usually under the ADM > System section. Under there is the SSL Certs in use by the ADM itself.


If it doesn't give you a generate csr option, you can still use any tool you want to generate a new csr request to issue a server certificate to the ADM FQDN.  Or just use an ADC to generate a CSR manually as needed.


Otherwise, if setting up the ADM cert from scratch, you can use any cert tool to generate a CSR for the ADM's own cert.

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