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Multiple VLANS question

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I have an internal vpx doing load balancing. I have created a vserver using a vip in a new vlan. This VLAN has a nic configured on the vpx and the vip is in the same vlan. The vserver is showing as down. The backend services are on a different vlan and also down. There is no firewall between the ADC and the back end service.



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Do you have a SNIP defined for the new network with the new vlan?

Did you bind a ip/netmaks (snip or vip range) to the new vlan/interface?

Do you need any additional routes defined for the new vlan?


If your services are down, then there is either no snip for the new network, no route defined or some other condition affecting networking (no network bound to vlan, improper PBR, etc)

ping -S <snip> <target ip>

will force a ping using the SNIP to see if it works or not.



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