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Specific users cannot reconnect to disconnected session with machine failure error in Director

Crystal Ip


Around 10 out of 100 users encountering cannot launch Citrix MCS desktop after long time disconnection. Those 11 users are come from different departments, every department only 1-2 users encountering this issue.


We are using Citrix 1912 CU2, launching  Win10 20H2 via Citrix, running Citrix workspace app 20.10 on thinClient. We deployed our Win10 machine by using Citrix MCS static non-persistence machine with Citrix UPL. 


Only those 10 users may encounter cannot launch issue in the morning. I found the following symptoms:

(1) Win10 unregistered in Citrix DDC

(2) vCenter cannot resolve those Win10 IP address

(3) vCenter Console showing black and loading screen before rebooting

(3) Able to ping those Win10 from other machine in same subnet

(4) Director show it is "Machine Failure"

(5) User can access only after rebooting the machine


I am guessing that the Win10 is hang, but I do not have any idea to solve that. Since admin cannot access the Win10 while user session still on it and if after user logoff, the Win10 will reboot. Then all the event log will be disappeared. I am trying to enable memory dump on the Win10. But any other idea about this issue?

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You can get around the reboot/lost logs problem by setting the VM in question to maint mode, and then resetting it using VMware.  That way, it comes back up without having reset to the master image, and lets you log in with an admin account to look at the event logs.


When done, just turn off maint mode and restart it from Studio, and it will go back to a clean image ready for use.

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