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Citrix Hypervisor (formerly Xenserver) on Hyper-V



I'm currently building a lab environment on my Windows 10 pc via Hyper-V


I have the following setup (spent a fair bit of time setting it up, so hopefully I don't have to move/try migrate to another piece of software)

(I'm doing the labs based on pluralsights courses by Greg Shields)


Delivery 1 and 2
XS1 and XS2 (citrix hypervisors 8.2)

Windows 10 VM internal and external
Storefront 1 and 2

The issue I'm having is in relation to HVM, I cannot get the XS1 and XS2 to do HVM, when attempting to make a VM via XenCenter, it just keeps saying HVM is not available.


When I installed the Citrix Hypervisor VM onto Hyper-V I get a error step (not seen in the course material) which says "cannot detect Virtualization hardware etc"

The course material I'm referencing uses VMware to host their VMs for their lab.

That is the only difference I can see.

Does anyone know what the fix is to enable the Citrix Hypervisor HVM to work when nested on Hyper-V

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Note, the support or lack of nested virtualisation here is irrelevant if your trying to run Citrix Hypervisor as the nestee, that just comes down to the outer hypervisor, be it VMware or Hyper-V. What is definitely not supported (or functional) is nesting another hypervisor inside Citrix Hypervisor.

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