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Issues similar to CTX319676 on VDA 7.15LTSR CU6

Rick Lake




I'm new to the Citrix forums, so I hope I don't violate any conventions / rules with my first post.


Since a few weeks we're experiencing the same issues as described in article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX319676

Users are getting disconnected after launching their desktop from the portal. I also tried launching without session reliability (i.e. port 1494 instead of 2598), but then the desktop just opens and then disappears without logging on. I've racked my brains on this for about two weeks as of now; everything seems to point to the VDA itself. However, the main difference to this article is that our VDA version is 7.15 LTSR CU6, whereas the article links this to VDA 1912 LTSR.


Our VDA devices are all Windows 10 running Windows Defender. Update 4.18.2105.5 which supposedly is the culprit, was pushed to our VDA's on June 14th, after which the issues started occurring randomly on random VDI desktops, in about one percent of the total user sessions per day. It lasts about a few hours, up to the next day per VDA. Unfortunately the proposed workarounds in the article impact security. So if possible, I'd like to confirm we have the same issue before suggesting this to our management.


Can anyone confirm if the Windows Defender issue reported in the article also applies to our VDA version? (I.e. 7.15 LTSR CU6)






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