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Validate an Image Assignment (Not Currently Streamed) Through PowerShell

Al Newkirk


Hello All,


First time I've asked a question here on the forums and I'm seeking some help...


I'm looking for a way to validate an image assigned to a device is correct before the device is rebooted. I can use PowerShell cmdlets to see what is currently streamed to the device but not what is assigned to the device. I see what is assigned by right clicking on the device and going to Properties and looking at the vDisks tab and see it's assigned. I've read through the PVS PowerShell documentation and looked through MCLI documentation. I've tried googling and browsing through the forum. I haven't seen anything to really point me in the right discussion.


Thanks for your help and time,


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25 minutes ago, Darryl Sakach said:

Get-PvsDeviceInfo will return the vDisk assignment

That's not exactly what I'm looking for. I've tried that and it's not the right answer. That will return was is currently streamed.


Try this, run Get-PvsDeviceInfo on a device and look at the DiskLocatorName. Then change the assignment to a different vDisk, run Get-PvsDeviceInfo again, you'll see that the DiskLocatorName is the same as when you run it the first time. Get-PvsDeviceInfo shows the current streamed image not what is assigned.

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