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Redirect URL to port without redirect

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I have one IIS server(ex behind the citrix ADC accessible publicly (ex. https://www.test.com). This is what I am trying to do:


1. When client goes to https://test.com traffic is forwarded to the server

2. When client goes to https://test.com/identity traffic if forwarded to the server

3. When client goes to https://test.com/api traffic is forwarded to the server


Important thing for the client is to not recieve redirects and point traffic to (for example) https://test.com:90. So client should never see port 90 or 93. That should be happening on the backend between citrix and the server.


Is this possible to do through the netscaler and what is the procedure?


I found similar post here:



What @Harvey Miller said in the post is exactly what we are trying to do with redirecting /url to the :port





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You can do it with Content Switching. Create separate service groups for each port number. Create separate LB vServers for each port number. Create content switching policies to forward different URLs to different LB vServers. Bind to a Content Switch vServer.


If the web servers reply with documents containing URLs that have :90 or :93, then you'll need to rewrite those replies.

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