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Copy and Paste - totally random if it works or not


Hi All,

We have been using a Citrix Cloud for a couple of months and are totally dissappointed with it. I thought I was buying a premium product. None of my users can use the new system. Most are using our old on-prem Citrix and I can't move them accross. 


We have 4 Multisessiion VDAs (Server 2019). I have published a Virtual Desktop and two apps.  The biggest issue  is that copy and paste is totally random if it works or not. I need to be able to copy and paste  between the users local machine, the Virtual Desktop and the Published Apps. Some days it works for user Y but not X, then the next day it will be the the way round. Some days it works for everyone, some days no one can copy and paste. If they can't copy and paste they can't use it.


When I speak to Citrx Support all they want to do is take logs off a computer. They don't do anything with them. The process takes so long it "magically starts working". Rinse and repeate. Nothing changes in my environment from day to day other than the user will shutdown there laptop at the end of the day.


Does anyone else have this problem? Any idea where to start? Please help!

Kind regards,

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