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ADM 13 Configuration - Queries on ADC Appflow Settings

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Dear Team


We are deploying ADM 13 and have the below queries 


Appreciate your quick response in this regard  


1. Our ADC  & ADM is using same ntp server .  can ADM use a different time zone than that of ADC   ?  Will this create any issues  ? 

2. On the ADC for appflow, we defined an appflow collector using Logstream transport  ( port  4739 . Is this port ok ? )  and defined associated action and policy  . However the policy is not active  . is it because  policy has no bindings yet  ?  . Which bindpoint should we map the policy to  ?  ( Default Global ? ) 


3. Also when we added ADC to ADM , it automatically created an Appflow collector / action / policy  using rest transport  . Is webinsight / tcpinsight logging etc possible with this collector policy  ?   


4. Also we see default http analytics profile on the ADC   . Should we map this profile to the appflow logstream transport collector for webinsight / tcpinsight etc   to work  ? 


5. Should we expect any performance impact if we enable http  Client side measurement for specific Vservers  ? 



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