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API for citrix orchestrator



Have a query about using API for citrix orchestrator.

Trying to get the following api call to work without any luck.




Other API calls working fine.   Also not sure what format the 'startime' or 'endtime' are?

Any help appreciated.


Keep receiving:


"type": "Internal Server Error",
"detail": "Error while processing the request",
"parameters": null



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As of now startTime and endTime are expected to be in ISO 8601 date time format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS 0000) example – startTime = 2021-01-15T06:20:36 0000 and endTime=2021-07-17T10:20:36 0000 . But recently to make the API call simple we have made backend changes to have startTime and endTime in epoch seconds format. We have merged our changes in development. You will be seeing these changes in upcoming prod push. Once these new changes are in,  we need to provide startTime and endTime in epoch seconds.




Sunil Rajak

Senior Software Developer

Citrix Systems

email - sunil.rajak@citrix.com

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