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CVAD 2102 sql migration to new server causing issue, changedbstrings throwing error

AravindaKumar Jagu


When moving the SQL databases to a different SQL server

After clearing the existing database connections null

Specify the new Database connection strings


$ServerName = "<dbserver>" $SiteDBName = "<SiteDbName>" $LogDBName = "<LoggingDbName>" $MonitorDBName = "<MonitorDbName>" $csSite = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$SiteDBName;Integrated Security=True;MultiSubnetFailover=True" $csLogging = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$LogDBName;Integrated Security=True;MultiSubnetFailover=True" $csMonitoring = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$MonitorDBName;Integrated Security=True;MultiSubnetFailover=True"


Set-AdminDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite- Throwing the below error of Permission denied although I am domain admin and followed all pre-requisites of DDC domain account and all


Reference: Delivery Controller 2106 and Licensing – Carl Stalhood


Set-Admin DB Connection : There was a problem communicating with the Citrix Delegated Administration Service. At line:1 char:1 + Set-AdminDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : PermissionDenied: (:) [Set-AdminDBConnection], UnauthorizedAccessException

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I wonder if one of your services is not fully disconnected from the database. Try running Get-AdminDbConnection.


You can also find the DB connection strings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\XDservices. Sometimes I have to delete them from there, restart the server, and then try again.

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The error indicates that the Controller thinks you don't have Studio permissions to run that PowerShell command. The authorization check would only occur if the DAS (Admin) service is still connected to the database.  Otherwise, there shouldn't be any authorization check.


Does Get-AdminDbConnection say it is DbUnconfigured or no connection string?


Another option is to modify the ConnectionString registry values and then restart the services (or server).

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If you copy/pasted the $null commands, did you make sure the last line to disconnect the Admin database actually ran? yes after running $null commands its successfully running

now i made few changes of controllers needing to be added to the DBCreator and securityadmin server level roles on the new server. We've added them now, all that remains is to test

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