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Having Multiple Delivery groups for a Machine Catalog- Management implication

Arasu M


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It seems the implications would differ depending on the type of Machine Catalog. Generally I think the implications would be limited to what you can do at Machine Catalog level and how those actions would impact your multiple Delivery Groups. We have multiple DGs utilizing an MC and I cannot think of any issue we have run into to date. 

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The only real implication is that when you update the catalog, it hits multiple delivery groups at once.   For multi-user VMs that isn't necessarily an issue, as you can schedule the reboots for different times, so they pick up the new image only when you want them to.  For single-user VMs they just get it when they reboot regardless of DG.    As with Darryl's reply above, we have plenty of DGs and MCs in this position and it's never been an issue - just something to bear in mind.


Broadly, it's a good way of reducing management effort by having fewer MCs and master images.

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