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VAD 1912 LTSR CU2: Issues doing a DR tests on an isolated network

Jeff Rogers1709154930


Environment overview:

  Two datacenters (DC1 and DC2) NetScaler's (double hop config,) Storefront servers, and Controllers in HA pairs in each data center (OS Server 2016.)  VAD 1912 CU2, SQL (2017) always on, hypervisor is vSphere 6.7. We utilize vSphere replication and SRM for DR recovery of VM's.  DC1 and DC2 run in an active/active configuration.  


  During our disaster recovery tests we bring up the replicated copies of our Citrix infrastructure from DC1 only in an isolated network at our secondary data center.  In this scenario our Citrix VAD site comes up missing half of the Controllers and StoreFront servers as well as a database copy that was made with live users on it.  The problems that we encounter are listed below.


Problem 1.  With our DC2 StoreFront and Controllers missing from the site, Studio takes a very very long time to come up like it is trying to timeout connecting to those machines (I think it is more the Controllers than the StoreFront servers.)   We have had to wait longer than an hour just to get studio to come up just to figure out what is going on.  At that point we attempt to manually remove the missing StoreFront servers and Controllers from the site to get it to behave.  We are trying to figure out of there is a way around this since it takes hours to get studio to a usable state when doing a DR test which is not good when you are trying to hit SLA's.


Problem 2.  The second issue that we encounter is that when the replicated copy of the SQL database comes up it still has references to the active connections to VDA's that existed when the backup was made.  These connections are obviously still not active, but if one of those users attempts to connect to a VDA in our DR test it will not allow them to because it thinks it needs to re-connect to that existing session.  For this we have been rebooting the VDA's to basically get them to re-register and clear all connections in the database so the users can access them again.  Is there some sort of script that can be ran on the database to clear out those abandoned connections that it thinks that are still there?


  I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any suggestions on how to get past these issues in a timely matter because I am pretty sure that there are others that probably do DR tests in this same fashion.  The good news is that Citrix works in our DR tests, but when we have problems with apps or users getting connected and cannot get into studio it makes it really difficult.


  If this were an actual Disaster we would most likely not encounter these issues, but lets pray that we never find out!






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