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Unable to launch application

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one of our user is trying to launch an application from the netscaler gateway. When he is trying to launch the application, the ica file gets downloaded and runs but after that the application won't open.

The user is facing the issue for only a  single application.

The application is working fine for the remaining users.

We are using the 7.15 LTSR CU3 version Citrix and Windows Server 2016


Thank You.

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This would probably get more answers in the CVAD forums, but it is gateway adjacent.


One thing that might help as a quick diagnostic, see if the launch failure is reported in Citrix Director with an error reason and sub reason. Sometimes, this can be surprisingly informative of the exact cause.


Otherwise, usual info gathering/troubleshooting:

First to clarify a few things:

1a) Does the user with the issue have more than one resource or only this one? If more than one, do some resources work and this one consistently fails?

1b) For this user, is this a published app (server-based), published desktop (from pool), or published desktop (assigned)?  Also, temp or persistent as that could be relevant. (image state and/or profile issues are all on the table)

1c) Can this user launch the same resource internally and it only fails externally from gateway?

1c) Are other users' seeing problem or is this very user specific?



1) If you are getting the ICA file to download, the issues are either in the STA ticket redemption or post launch in the VDA session startup events or app launch events; this is everything from ICA connection, vda session startup, license check, profile load, policy issues, app launch etc...  And then you have a gateway in the mix (which is why its important to know if one or more than one user is a problem).


In this case, I might start with VDA issues first. But without context, start with gateway/storefront/controller/sta things. And then VDA issues. Last client logging.


On Gateway:

1) Look at syslog for relevant events with STA redemption or issues between gateway and target vda.


cd /var/log

tail -f ns.log | grep -v CMD_EXEC

# the above lets you view log events as they occur if you can test while looking

# otherwise you can view the past log covering the time of the last known event, but you may have to search by username and find the related events.  

Look for any unexpected gateway events, or "deny authorizations", or sta issues, or other indicators the gateway is the problem.


2) See if you can identify any STA issues and/or check the controllers for STA events. If this is a user specific issue and not happening broadly, unlikely to be sta related.


3) If you know the VDA where hte issue occurred, Director will usually have a fairly informative reason and sub-reason for the launch or connection failure that might narrow this down first. Otherwise, if you know the VDA, view the event viewer for Applications: Citrix Desktop Service and other events. For VDA registration, session startup issues. And issues related to license validation, profiles/policies. 

For temporary resources, additional steps are needed to be able to view logs prior to discarding settings.


4) Finally client connectivity issues. Probably need to run an nstrace to confirm client to gateway to vda connectivity is working.








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