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How to know when a VM desktop image from a machine catalog has being updated?




I would like to know some questions regarding the machine catalog update process:


  1. Imagine you have created a machine catalog with 200 destkops via MCS.
  2. Some weeks later you make a change on the template image and then you decide to update the whole catalog.
  3. However there are some users working so you check the "send a message to the users before updating".
  4. Then you launch the update...


From that point, how could I know which desktops were already updated and which ones are still pending to update? Is there any way on the Delivery console to check the updating process from each desktop or the whole catalog?


Also another question regarding the proces is that I can asume that all the machines that were powered off at the moment of launching the update will be automaticaly updated. However, what would happen with those IDLE machines? I mean, what happens with those machines that are powered ON without any user loged in? will they automaticaly powered off and updated?




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