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SAML Configuration for CVE mitigation

Jens Ostkamp

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Hey everyone,


i have a question regarding SAML configuration when Citrix ADC is configured as SP (for example, doing SAML Redirect for Citrix CVAD authentication towards some SAML IdP) - as mentioned in official support article (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX316577) I have configured the appropriate RelayStateRule (since we come from a Gateway I used following expression: "AAA.LOGIN.RELAYSTATE.EQ("https://vpngateway.domain.com/")" where "vpngateway.domain.com" is the external DNS a user will connect to via Browser before getting a redirect to the SAML IdP. The configuration just works fine, but when I am testing it and for example enter "https://thiswontwork.com/" in the Expression, everything still works just as before. So I am curious if this is expected or if I am missing something here.


The configuration when Citrix ADC is IdP (ShareFile for example) everything is fine, when I configure the ACS Rule with some gibberish I get an error when trying to authenticate which is obviously just fine.


thanks a lot!


best regards

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Well it was mostly about the RelayState Rule. Before Upgrade there wasnt a RelayState RUle (as the option didnt exist) and after upgrade i followed the Citrix Support article on how to configure that rule. after doing so i could put in any expression within the rule, where the relay state should come from and it worked everytime. now funny enough i am having the problem that some clients are working and some not. some seems to be browser chace related, but its all very unclear. still investigating. 

for example, one single application which is reachable through SSL VPN is not reachable anymore, without any configuration changes on any side. only after upgrading Citrix ADC to newest version the connection to this one specific application doesnt work anymore. to other applications in the same subnet it works. so yeah, i dont really know whats causing it, but everyting seems update-related issue

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