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StoreFront Monitoring

Tim Hadlock

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Our environment

  • 2 - load balanced VPX's
  • 3 - load balanced StoreFront
  • 2 - Delivery Controllers
  • 100+ VDA's (XA)
  • Version 7.2012


The other day we experienced an outage as one of the StoreFront servers had some issue. We are still in the process understanding what caused this issue.

IIS and  StoreFront consoles won't even open up on the server at this point.


Is there an article or something that will help me setup monitoring of the StoreFront servers?

Seems like if a page can't be reached the NS could disable that system  within the load balanced VIP and alert administrators of the issue. Can this be done?


Any guidance you have on better monitoring of not only StoreFront but the Delivery Controllers, etc. as well if appropriate.





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There is a built-in storefront monitor type on the ADC.

You specify the store you want to monitor. Just the store name (not the path). For Example:  Store-1 not /Citrix/Store-1 or Store-1Web.

Enable account services (if needed);

If you enable check backend services (you will need to see addition info; or else service is down by default).  You can also leave this check OFF in most cases.

Enable "secure" for https to match service protocol.


Probe will source from the NSIP and not SNIP (as it is a scriptable monitor). So if this won't work, switch back to an http monitor instead of a specific main page.


To enable "backend services" check



Also See:  https://www.carlstalhood.com/storefront-load-balancing-citrix-adc/

(A few additional notes on some variations to monitor config and other info.)



lbmethod:  leastconnections

persistencetype: sourceip (usually, if same appliance is doing both gateway vserver and the storefront lb vserver); if lb is separate; persistence might need to be adjusted for gateway/external traffic.



XML LB Detection:

The XML controller monitor for CVAD/XD 7 environments is the citrix-<something>-ddc monitor and not the citrix monitor with "xml" in the name (that's for IMA 6.5 and older architecture).

Basic Load Balancing for the XML Controllers:

service/lb vserver on SSL:443

lbmethod:  leastconnections

persistence: none

monitor: the one noted above (sorry, I don't have the monitor name in front of me.)

Monitor sources from SNIP (or net profile ip) AND includes numerouse checks even without enabling the authentication test; but the authentication test adds additional robustness.

Only load balance controllers in SiteA with the storefront entry for SiteA (etc). If you multiple aggregated sites, there controllers would be configured on a per site basis.


NOTE: only the XML communication to the controllers can be load balanced. STA's (its complicated) should not. And the VDA Registration will not.

Only configure the storefront store's controller list with the lb vserver name instead of the individual list of controllers.

Do not use the LB FQDN when specifying list of STA's on either storefront or the gateway's list of sta's.  STorefront can alternate (its version of lb) the names itself. Gateway cannot use the lb fqdn at all and must always see the individual sta's for proper ticket redemption.

Do not use the LB FQDN for the list of controllers for VDA Registration.  They will use the original individual list of controllers as normal.


I'll have to dig up the article later when I'm free, if someone doesn't dig it up for you.


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