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ADC issues with upgrade to

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We upgraded our MPX 8200 appliances a couple days ago to Though the actual fw upgrade went fine on both nodes, the force failover caused an issue in which we lost access to both nodes. A manual power off and power on was needed for both appliances one at a time to bring them both online again.

We had a similar situation this am where we lost access to both nodes and SSL VPN and SF was down for the entire company.

Any of you guys noticed any issues with latest firmware code? CTX Support said to call on the weekend and mark it as a sev 1 so they can see the actual issue happening. In my experience CTX wknd support isnt great. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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There seems to be a few little issues with the latest firmware code, but your issue looks more like a networking problem? you lose access to both nodes in what way? from GUI? CLI? or is it VIPs going down?


Have you managed to gather support bundles from both nodes or go through the logs to see what may have been happening?

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