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WEM Settings on first logon not consistent

Lukas Meyer1709162786



I have built a new environment with Citrix 1912 CU2, Windows Server 2019, 4 physical Synergy Blades for production, 1 vm for test

I have configured several actions in WEM like registry or network drive mapping.

On Test-Server everything is working well, but of course much slower what is expected. (10 times new logon with new profile tested)

On first logon (profile creation)  to production servers most of the times (not always) not all settings are applied. Often one of the network drives is not mapped. In WEM Log there is no error, it is like it was just not happening. If the user will do a manually refresh of the wem actions, it is mapped successfully.

It looks like the logon is probably to fast for WEM to do some of the actions. 


I tried following options:

Enforce Network Drives Processing enabled

Set Agent Extra Launch Delay to 10000ms

Enable Use Cache to Accelrate Actions Processing

Use Cache Even When Online


Nothing seems to help.


Also in Debug Mode I do not see any error messages. After Update of settings I see the successfully connecting drive.


Any Ideas?



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