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Replace Node in Azure (HA-INC Deployment)

Jim Beehler

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We have an existing HA-INC deployment in Azure but one of the nodes is in a failed state (not participating in HA, can't login to it). Citrix Support is advising to build a new node. One option I can think of is to build a single node and configure with the multiple subnets, etc so it meets the needs for the HA-INC in Azure and then just add the node to the existing HA pair (and then remove the bad one). Or my other option is to spin up a new template from the Azure marketplace for HA-INC. This would create 2 nodes in a HA pair so the benefit is they are configured out of the box. I suppose I could import the configs from the existing ADC.  Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or has had a similar situation.

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