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Citrix HDX Camera in Teams displays black/blank feed

Stephen D. Holder




With the Microsoft Teams roll out, we are still coming across many Teams issues. One of those issues is when users go to have video calls in Teams, the system doesn’t seem to pass through video to the VDI session.


We’ve made sure Citrix Workspace preferences is set to “always connect”, made sure no obstructions are in the way of the camera, ensured camera is functioning at the local level. In VDI, Teams reports Citrix HDX Camera, with a blank screen / no video. Citrix stack and VDA are 1902, and Teams install is x64.


In the screenshot, user has latest workspace app and windows updates as of this post. Camera functions locally, but when in VDI session displays a black screen.  Funny enough it shows up in Skype for business. Some research suggested this older thread but give it's age, I'm not exactly sure it parallels our issue.


This appears this happens across MACs and PCs, but more so PCs.


Thoughts / ideas?


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From that screenshot, it seems as though Teams may not be installed in per-machine and VDI mode - you don't get to the see the secondary ringer section when it's installed that way.   Also, no devices should show up as 'HDX' - they should have the actual device names visible.


When you click About, Version in Teams, do you see 'Citrix HDX Optimized' on the little bar that appears at the top with the version details?


When in Optimized mode, Teams gets direct access to the audio/video stuff direct from the endpoint, hence the lack of HDX in the names.   It also works a lot better in terms of audio and video quality, though it does come with it's own reliability issues and some functional limitations.

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@Burnstead, thanks for your notes.


I have another teams thread where someone suggested the same thing – I think what you are driving at, which is to make sure the machine-wide version is installed. I verified with the co-worker who installed Teams and indeed it is installed the way Citrix recommends.


Yes, Teams  is 64-bit, Citrix HDX Optimized,  and states it in the About -> Version drop down.


@Erb, thanks for your note as well, but our Citrix stack is at 1902 and users with the issue have the latest Citrix Workspace app as of this post. The article you referenced appears to identify restrictions below 7.16.


What’s even more interesting on my own device, a XPS, I am able to access the Teams webcam just fine but soon as I introduce my docking station, I also get a blank/black screen in a VDI session, although it does show the name Integrated Webcam as well as an external webcam I have attached.

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