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Timeout Error on TCP Establishment on all Port 8080 Virtual Servers on NS ADC 12.61

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we have a Netscaler ADC with 200 Mbit advanced license and using it as reverse Proxy. This works good for all domains. But sometimes we get all Backend- Servers with services on Port 8080 marked as down (they are still vailable from internal lan) and getting unavailable. The Log says

Failure - Timout during TCP Connection establishment stage.

This happens random 3 - 8 Times a day.

The servers become availible again if they got restarted or sometimes from themselves.
The only thing they have incommon is that they are all tomcat webservers.

We Think about changing the Port from 8080 to some other.


Does anybody knew this problem or a solution/workaround.




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In addition, to what carl said, What monitor is in use?  Is this "web" or other traffic?

If the tcp-default, maybe change to ping as it might be too many empty syn requests or the monitor connection close or connection fin might need to be changed.

Switch to ping and this shouldn't be a problem and then you can see if other monitor changes are an impact.

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Sounds like a possible network or back end issue especially if all the other services work.  You can try changing the timeout values of the monitor as maybe there are too many requests on the backend and the monitors don't get a response quickly enough.  

You can add multiple monitors in addition to the default.  Ping might be good as Rhonda suggested.  All monitors must be UP for the service to be marked as UP but it will give you more information about the problem.  You can click on each monitor to see the results.

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