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AD User parameter data CTX data

Jim Smith1709157654


I am the CItrix admin and have been asked a question as to why the userParameter fields of some AD user objects contain "CTX" related information. 


The information in the parameter fields is similar to the below;


m                     d                            P
CtxCfgPresent㔵攱戰ぢCtxCfgFlags1〰て〲〹CtxShadow㄰〰〰〰*CtxMinEncryptionLevel㄰ CtxWFProfilePath〰"CtxWFProfilePathW〰〰"CtxWFHomeDirDrive〰$CtxWFHomeDirDriveW〰〰CtxWFHomeDir〰CtxWFHomeDirW〰〰irDriveW〰〰



Ive checked other Citrix users and only some (a vast minority) have this data, the others user objects for the userParameter field contain no data. 


Does anyone know what this data is, why it is created and whether I can delete it?


I have searched our ad and only 25 out of 2000+ user objects contain this data.


Many Thanks


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In Active Directory Users and Computers, there are some tabs for Remote Desktop Services. Modifying some of the fiels on those tabs causes the userParameters attribute to be populated.


Microsoft bought Terminal Services from Citrix so it's possible those are from when Citrix originally modified Windows to include Terminal Services (aka RDSH).

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